Ronald J. Sloy Charitable Trust

Welcome to the Ronald J. Sloy Charitable Trust!

Ronald J. Sloy is a proud sponsor of numerous local and regional charitable organizations. Ron believes in giving back to the community where he has enjoyed so much success. Highly aware that he benefitted from his supportive family and the sports and extracurricular activities readily available when he was growing up,  Ron wants to ensure that similar opportunities are available for the next generations. Even as he enjoys the financial rewards of his business achievements, Ron extends a helping hand wherever he can to those less fortunate.

Although a fierce competitor at work and on the golf course, Ron’s gentle side is easy to see as he reaches out through his network of clients and friends to help raise awareness, funds and participation for events that benefit those in need.

Ronald J. Sloy was inspired to form the Ronald J. Sloy Charitable Trust as a means to provide ongoing support to and publicity for the charities close to his heart!

Please feel free to visit the list of Ronald J. Sloy’s charitable organizations to learn more about what Ron is doing in his own community and perhaps find an organization that you too would like to support.